The Reiki Symbols

Reiki imageThe Reiki Symbols

This article intends to inspire joy and appreciation for the gift of reiki. It is a list of purposes and qualities associated with the reiki symbols.

One of the reiki principles is “show gratitude for every living thing.” In light of this principle, the following reiki symbols and meanings are offered as resources to deepen reiki students’ understanding of the gift of reiki.

The four reiki symbols used in traditional Usui reiki are:
The Reiki Power Symbol
The Mental Emotional Reiki Healing Symbol
The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol
The Reiki Master Symbol

Sitting with a calm mind and simply reading through these qualities empowers and elevates your reiki energy


The Reiki Power Symbol

- To increase power
- The Light Switch
- The first and primary symbol
- The only symbol which can be used alone
- The key, the opening
- Opens the energy flow
- Relates to the physical body
- The first step, the first experience
- Empowerment
- This symbol moves all into the light; is used in any situation to resolve blocks and empower the natural process
- Increases the energy
- Increases the energy of Reiki
- Used for all healing
- Imperial edict “So Be It!”
- Focuses power in one spot
- Used to activate or empower the other Reiki symbols
- Beginning or entrance, the generation stage
- The Light Bulb
- Shape of the labyrinth temple at Crete
- Put the power here
- Emptiness – non-attachment from the earth plane
- Used to add power
- God is Here
- Placing the mandala into the heart
- Meditation until there is no difference between the meditation and the world
- Calls forth this energy from within you
- Relates to the energy of physical reality
- Relates to earth chi or energy
- This symbol spirals into deep physical reality
- Use the reiki power symbol to begin and end or “seal” a reiki session
- Visualize or mentally or physically draw this reiki symbol three times while saying the symbol name silently or aloud three times
- Used in traditional Usui reiki attunement


The Reiki Mental Emotional Symbol

- Protect, Purify, Cleanse
- Reiki healing symbol
- Emotional mental healing
- Helps balance the emotions
- Mental and emotional healing
- Purify: home, body, water, food, an environment, etc
- Balances right and left brain
- Emotional and mental distress: fears, anxiety, anger, grief, depression, sadness, shame, guilt, etc
- Enhance memory
- Help find lost items
- Clean/clear energy
- Cleanse the prejudice, vice and/or habit
- Exorcise the prejudice, vice and/or habit
- For healing past traumas
- Remove addictions
- Remove negative energies
- Restores emotional balance and harmony
- Purification by fire
- Works with hidden causes
- Works with the subconscious mind and the conscious mind
- Harmony
- Heal relationship patterns and problems
- Brings energies of heaven and earth into harmony
- “The earth and sky come together”
- As above, so below
- Works on the emotional body and the mental body
- Use to enhance affirmations
- Transmutation: transmute the “impure” by wisdom into enlightenment
- Man and God becoming one
- Key to the universe
- Works with the cause of disease
- Opening the subconscious using the emotional and mental fields
- Treat the head, heart, and solar plexus which are the centers of thought and    emotion
- Used in traditional Usui reiki attunement process


The Distance Healing Symbol

- Distance healing
- An entrance into the Akashic Records – the life records of each person’s Soul
- Past, Present Future
- “No Past, No Present, No Future” i.e. – Heals the past, present and future
- This person/thing I have before me acting as agent is from now on genuine and  healthy in my mind/prayers
- Enables a long distance connection with someone
- Send healing energy to the past or the future
- Connection
- Transcends time and space = freedom from time, space, delusion and limitation
- When the mind is aware there is openness and release
- Transmits healing across time or space
- “Open the Book of Life and now read”
- Healing past present and future, healing karma
- The Pagoda
- Freedom from delusion and karma (the action of the mind)
- “The Buddha (God, Goddess, Christ, God of my understanding, etc) in me reaches  out to the Buddha in you to promote Enlightenment and Peace.”
- Used in traditional Usui reiki attunements


The Master Symbol

- Healing the Soul
- Grand Light Mission
- To be used in all healings from now on
- Symbol for Reiki Mastership
- Man, Woman, Universe = Whole Energy
- Big Bright Future
- Immense Radiance, Glory and Hope
- “The one with the Mahayana heart of giving”
- Oneness You are God
- Enlightenment – freed from incarnation and suffering
- The most powerful symbol of the reiki symbols
- Heals disease and illness from the original source
- Helps provide enlightenment and peace
- Profound life changes
- The Essence of the Light of the Buddha
- Expanded Wisdom, clairvoyance
- Brings mastership and empowerment
- Used to give reiki attunements in the Usui Reiki tradition

The Reiki Attunement


The Reiki Attunement

Reiki is not taught in an intellectual sense.  It is activated in the initiate by the Reiki Master giving attunements.  An attunement is an initiation.  It is the beginning of a process.  The student or initiate starts to become attuned to – or in tune with – the frequency of the reiki energy during the reiki attunement experience.

The full spectrum of the Reiki frequencies is introduced into the initiate’s or student’s energy field during this initiation.

The Reiki attunement is an ancient and powerful process that extends beyond time.  It is an activating and empowering energy-transmission process that has been preserved in a formula for accessing a higher order of light energy.

The attunement is a brief ceremony used to open the initiate to become a conduit for Reiki.  It is a precise, intricate ritual like a Japanese tea ceremony that has power in its performance.  One intention is that the reiki attunement will be used for the highest good. It is a sacred ceremony and given with deep respect.

The initiate sits quietly in a chair and is asked to “go inside” or go into a meditative state to receive the Reiki attunement.  This is to allow the student to have an internal experience rather than be distracted by the curious ego-mind.

The Reiki Master trained in the attunement process or formula performs the ritual.  The initiate will feel some touches on the shoulder, head, and hands and will also feel some air being blown at him/her.  He/she will be told when the attunement is complete.

The Reiki Master calls upon the Reiki energy and visualizes or draws the reiki symbols in the correct order for the  reiki 1 attunement, the reiki 2 attunement, and the reiki master attunement.  While the formula is precise, there is the possibility of Reiki-directed variability during a reiki attunement.  Each level of reiki attunement has its own order.  The formula uses a combination of the reiki symbols in sequence.  There are different sequences used for the different levels of reiki.   The Reiki Master giving the attunement may perform the initiation in precise form, or may tailor it to the individual student, but usually this is an expression of Reiki energy directing the attunement.  A reiki prayer is used at the end of the process to signify completion.  Often, the reiki initiation is given in silence.

The Reiki attunement is a process of empowerment that opens inner centers of the physical and spiritual body and connects the initiate to the unlimited source of Reiki energy.  When the attunement is complete, the energy is always “on,” so the only decision an initiate makes is whether or not to give a treatment.  The initiate does not create the energy, but is simply the channel, conduit, or pipeline through which Reiki energy flows.

Each Reiki Master has a unique personal energy.  Each initiate has a unique reiki attunement experience.

Attunement or initiation may stimulate a physical and/or emotional cleansing.  These reiki attunement side effects may appear as flu like symptoms, an emotional release, accelerated changes occurring in the initiate’s life experience, or other unique conditions.


Reiki Meditations


Simple Reiki Meditation

Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit.
Take a few deep breaths.
Simply say “Reiki” in your mind. This calls upon the reiki energy to flow through your body.

If you know the reiki symbols, draw them in your mind and mentally say their names three times while drawing them.
The flow of Reiki now comes into your being while you sit in meditation.

Keep it simple.
Mentally say and draw the symbols if your mind gets too busy


Guided Reiki Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to be uplifting, rejuvenating, nurturing and expansive. Reiki, transformational light, surrounds and permeates your being
Each breath in calls forth more light
Each breath out calms and stills the body, emotions and mind
Each breath in brings expansion
Each breath out allows integration and relaxation
Breathe in light and inspiration
Breathe out loving gentle acceptance
Breathe in aliveness, joy
Breathe out gratitude, kindness, reverence
Breathe in clarity
Breathe out expansive space
Breathe in love
Breathe out love
Breathe in light
Breathe out light
Breathe in oneness
Breathe out oneness
All is one
The reiki energy elevates your calm light to a higher order
Breathe in harmony
Breathe out balance
Breathe in stillness
Breathe out focus

In stillness your body dissolves into light
In expanded light your body dissolves into all universes
In dissolution, expansion, quiet, the body reorganizes into perfect order
Perfect health, perfect calm